Today, I found two recent posts from other running bloggers urging others to donate used shoes to Hope Runs. Thanks to Brooklyn Runner
and Marathon Leap
for the shout outs today!

As Lara of Hope Runs gets on a plane for Africa today with bags of new running shoes for the kids, I am reminded to encourage any one donating used running shoes to Hope Runs or to any other venue to please include money for shipping.

Sadly, organizations like us spend around 4 USD per pair on shipping each pair to Africa (or to other continents) and we appreciate it every time we open a box of donated shoes to find some bills in there to help defray the costs of shipping.



Amy said... @ September 25, 2008 at 9:08 AM

Hi Claire: Thanks for commenting on my blog post. I posted today about the 777 challenge upon your request. good luck!


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