Today begins a several part series on Menu Planning, and how runners can use menu planning to their fullest advantage.

Why Would You Choose Menu Planning?

If you find yourself in an on-going effort to find healthy, delicious, and consistently nutritious meals to fuel your workouts - but have limited time in which to do so - Menu Planning might be for you.

What is Menu Planning?

In basic terms, it is a method of outlining exactly what you plan on eating at each meal for a predetermined period of time. One month is the most popular timeline - as it allows you to fully rotate your taste palate (Mexican to Japanese to Italian and back again) and take advantage of the monthly flux of grocery store discounts.

However, you may find menu planning works for you for only about a week at a time (on the other spectrum, there are people who plan meals out as far as a year in advance!) The basic premise, though, is that you get a calendar and begin listing exactly what you plan on eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your specified timeline.

For runners, this gives the extreme benefit of allowing you to look at - day by day - your protein/carbohydrate/fiber/water intake and vitamin needs. With Menu Planning, you no longer operate on a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants strategy in choosing what to have for dinner. No more do you fall into the trap of realizing you have not had anywhere near your needed daily protein intake for two days and thus suddenly deciding you simply must go out and buy a rotisserie chicken at midnight.

Tomorrow: Step by Step Menu Planning
Later: How Menu Planning Can Save You Cash!


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