As the weather heats up in the USA, the eternal running question emerge once again: what time of day should you run? Given that it's hot, and you don't feel like melting in the noontime sun, the answer is an apparently obvious one: in the morning.

But Why?

What does running in the morning do for your body?

1. Running in the morning trains your body to remember to exercise. Study after study show that individuals who run in the morning time are much more likely to stick to a regular exercise routine and not abandon it.
2. Running in the morning ups your endorphin level (as all running does, we know) but not at the expense of your ability to sleep well during the night.
3. Running in the morning is one of the easiest ways to address the fuel issue of when you should eat during the day to balance your exercise routine. Eating something light before a run gives you the fuel to finish - and doesn't disrupt your regular meal plans.


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