Meal Planning really does work for runners.

How Can You Do Step by Step Meal Planning?

Here's How:

1. Get a calendar - mark blank slots for three meals a day and 2 snacks - one morning snack and one evening snack.

2. Make a list of the most powerful, vitamin-filled, fueling foods that you can think of. Foods that really get you out the door for your run. Check out our superfood list to get your brain thinking!

3. Combine these foods into as many variations of meals and snacks that you can think of.

4. Decide how many meals per week you aim to eat outside of your home. I.E. meals that you will NOT prepare your your own.

5. Begin to plot the meals and snacks you plan to make at home on the next two weeks of your calendar. (Leave blank the estimated meals and snacks you plan on eating out).

Now you have a meal plan.

Tomorrow - you can begin buying the foods to stock your refrigerator for the next two weeks!


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