Although your first response to this question is naturally going to be - GET YOURSELF OUTSIDE - hold up a moment. In the previous post, we explored the problems of traveling as a single woman when it comes to getting in your daily exercise.

If you do find yourself in a situation in which it is not a safe move to venture outdoors solo for a run, you should make the obvious choice and stay in.

But what if there is no gym in your hotel or hostel?

This is where creativity comes in. On my eight month trip around the world, I got very good at running in the smallest of places, again and again proving that it is possible to work up a sweat in even the smallest of hotel rooms.


Although it sounds crazy, just start running circles. Make the widest path you can inside the small room, and begin to jog, telling yourself you'll only go for 15 minutes at first. If you aren't working up enough of a sweat, throw in other aerobic exercises (ten jumping jacks, ten push ups, ten sit ups) every ten "laps", say.

Most importantly, when you do reach 15 minutes - go for another 15!

Crazy, but possible. And when there's no other option, it's a must.


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