I was doing some work on the website at Hope Runs today (no - no changes live to see), and realized that, according to the ticker we have going on the site, that the Hope Runs 777 Challenge: 7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 Weeks is set to start in 326 days.

Now - aside from the joy and excitement this brings me. It also brings me dread. Dread that I realize I have very few months left of non-training running ahead of me. In ten months, I must be in wildly different shape than I am now. Running is one thing, but training is another. I haven't run any marathons since the fall of 2007 - so it's been nearly 16 months since my last two. I ran two in a week that fall to test out the whole 777 strategy (marathons on weekends, week of rest in between) and found myself tired, but not horribly spent.

Today, though, I am nowhere near in the shape I was then. And nowhere near in the shape I need to be for 10 months from now.

Time to get cracking....

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