In the vein of the pizza fast food post of last week (pizza IS the healthiest fast food thanks to the super food that is a TOMATO), here is another recipe full of tomatoes to give you the vitamins you need.

Plus - it complements the perfect carbo load.

I have tried dozens of different tomato sauces, but there is nothing I like more than this recipe by Molly at Orangette.

The plus?

It could not be easier.


2 Cans peeled tomatoes
5 tablespoons butter (unsalted preferrably)
1/2 yellow onion
salt to taste

Combine it all together (keep the onion whole and stick it in the pot!) and let simmer for 45 minutes.

It will be - I swear - one the fastest, and best vegetarian tomato sauces for a pre-race carbo load. Easy to make in huge batches as well;)


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