A great low carb, high-protein choice for runners is Sushi. This long-favorite also several key benefits that everyone - athletes and non-athletes included - can enjoy.

1. Time

The eating of sushi requires time - far more time than shoving a hamburger into your mouth - and this time is of the essence in letting your stomach (and its fullness quotient) catch up with your overactive (and generally overly hungry) mind.

Small Pieces/Small Plates

Japanese obesity rates (and lack thereof) have been reported by some researchers to be highly correlated to the small plate size used by the general populace. It makes sense - as the downfall of US obesity comes hand in hand with oversized Denny's platters.

3. Fresh, Raw, Unprocessed

Unless you go tempura style, simple sushi and sashima eliminate fried, overly processed problems and deliver your food as it should be - in its natural form.

Eat sushi today!


Anonymous said... @ September 11, 2012 at 3:00 AM

second sentence has a mistake and its sashimi not sashima.

just letting you know

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